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Walk. Ride. Win.

For the Black family, riding the bus works well for their busy schedule. With younger children, it can be difficult to get everyone prepared for the school day. Getting everyone dressed, fed and strapped into the car is no easy task. To Ben’s mom, Jessica, riding the bus is not only convenient for her schedule, but it teaches her son responsibility, reduces traffic and helps limit her family’s carbon footprint. 

After learning about Ben’s difficulties riding the bus the first time, Jessica and her husband came up with a plan to help their son feel more comfortable and confident riding the bus. To do this, Jessica would walk with Ben to the bus stop. Walking to and from the bus allows Ben to have one-on-one time with his parents. On the walk home, he gets to tell his mom, Jessica, about his daily adventures at school. Sometimes, his younger brother, Logan, will tag along. To have some fun, Jessica and Ben sometimes make a bridge with their arms and hands, and little Logan will try to ride under the hand bridge, or they’ll have races.

Jessica learned about the Walk & Roll Challenge through the PTA. To help make the walk to the bus stop more exciting, every time Ben did it, Jessica entered him in the Walk & Roll Challenge. That’s how Ben won a scooter and helmet. Jessica said Ben was so excited. After school, his Grandma called, and he told her all about winning a scooter. 

Jessica believes walking to the bus stop and riding the bus is good for her son. She knows it’ll help him gain a sense of autonomy and independence. By helping him now, he learns he can do things on his own that might seem a little scary at first. Ben plans to ride the bus during the winter. He says he’ll “walk very fast” to the bus stop and wear a coat and mittens. 

Both Ben and Jessica look forward to the quality time they share when walking to the bus. As parents and caretakers, it can be difficult to find one-on-one time to spend with your children, but a simple activity like walking to the bus together every morning can make quality time for your precious little ones. 

Walking to the bus is one of the ways that children can enter the Walk & Roll Challenge. Every day that you and your children walk to the bus stop, you can enter the drawing for a prize for you and your kids. The more frequently your child walks or bikes to school or the bus stop, the greater the chance they have of winning a sweet prize like Ben did.