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  1. Walk or bike to school. Each time you walk or bike to school you’ll be entered for an additional chance to win a sweet prize.*
  2. Use the progress chart  to track the days you walk or bike to school.
  3. Submit your progress online by the end of the month.


*Winners will be notified by phone or email the first week of every month.

The Walk & Roll Challenge runs from September to May and rewards students K-8 monthly prizes for walking and biking to school. Students track the days that they walked or biked to school (walking or biking to the bus counts) and then submit them online by the end of each month. Prize winners get chosen the first week of the following month. The more frequently a student walks or bikes to school, the greater their chance of winning sweet prizes like scooters and bikes. Parents who encourage their kids to walk or bike are also entered into a drawing at the same time to incentivize their kids to participate and receive prizes of their own.

Enter the Walk & Roll
Monthly Challenge

Submit your progress at the end of every month to qualify for sweet prizes.

One submission per child each month.

Winners will be notified beginning of every month.

Benefits of Walking or Biking to School?

There’s safety in numbers:

Start a walking group in your neighborhood

It’s like a carpool without the car. Coordinate times when the group will walk past each student’s house for pickup. Rotate parents who can walk with the group.


How to Get Your School Involved

Step 1
Get the message out to staff, students and parents

The hard work is already done. These pre-created tools can be easily accessed or downloaded to help schools and students walk and bike more to win big.

Walk & Roll Challenge Materials

Newsletter Copy

Social Media Kit

Step 2
Follow up with parents and students
Remind participants to send in progress reports online by the end of the month to be eligible for prizes.

Step 3
Encourage tracking

Provide encouragement and reminders to track involvement on the students’ progress reports.

Step 4
Praise students who participate in the challenge
Winners will be contacted by phone or email.

Safe Routes Walk & Roll Challenge Official Rules
  • The monthly Walk & Roll Challenge is officially considered by definition of the law as a sweepstakes, with winners drawn weekly at random from eligible participants.
  • Winners will only be selected if located in the state of Utah.
  • The challenge runs for nine months, from September-May every school year, with winners being drawn monthly.
  • The odds of winning are determined by how many days are submitted that a student walks or rides their bike to school that month. Total entries per month may not exceed the amount of days a child is in school.
  • Once chosen, the parent of the winner will be emailed to confirm the child’s age for appropriate helmet size and to confirm delivery details of scooter or bike and helmet.
  • Winners receive either a scooter or bike, and a helmet. Specific scooter or bike to be chosen at will, given the supply, by Safe Routes.