Walk & Roll Challenge rewards students K-8 monthly prizes for walking and biking to school. It runs from September to May. Students track and enter days by the end of each month. Prize winners get chosen the first week of the following month. The more students walk or bike to school, the greater their chance of winning. Parents who allow their kids to walk or bike will be entered into a separate drawing

  1. Walk or bike to school. Each time you walk or bike to school you’ll be entered for an additional chance to win a sweet prize.*
  2. Use the progress chart  to track the days you walk or bike to school.
  3. Submit your progress online by the end of the month.


*Winners will be notified by phone or email the first week of every month.

Chance to Win Sweet Prizes Each Month

Benefits of Walking or Biking to School?

Enter the Walk N Roll Monthly Challenge

Submit your progress during the last week of every month to qualify for sweet prizes.

Only one submission per child each month is necessary. Winners will be notified by phone or email the first week of every month.

Download Printable Progress Chart

Safe Routes Utah respects your privacy and will not share or sell any of your information. 

How to Get Your School Involved

Step 1
Get the message out to staff, students and parents

The hard work is already done. These pre-created tools can be easily accessed or downloaded to help schools and students walk and bike more to win big.

Step 2
Follow up with parents and students
Remind participants to send in progress reports online by the end of the month to be eligible for prizes.

Step 3
Encourage tracking

Provide encouragement and reminders to track involvement on the students’ progress reports.

Step 4
Praise students who participate in the challenge
Winners will be contacted by phone or email.