Get Your Kids on the Path to Safety

Safe Routes Utah is replacing SNAP (Student Neighborhood Access Program). The goal of Safe Routes Utah is to help children get to and from school safely while motivating children to experience the benefits of walking or biking to school.

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Why Let Your Child Walk or Bike to School?

The benefits include:

Improved Academics

Students who are healthy, awake and alert show improved academic performance and decreased tardiness and absence due to transportation challenges.

Physical Activity

Daily physical activity builds strong bones, muscles and joints. It forms healthy lifelong habits that decrease the risk of chronic disease and obesity.

Social Development

Spending time with family and community provides positive social opportunities.

Safer Students

Traffic safety instruction and practice increases confidence and safe behaviors. It also decreases dangerous traffic congestion during pickup and drop-off.

Cleaner Air

Walking and biking to school reduces the need for bus services and idling cars during pickup and drop-off.

Saves Time and Money

When you avoid driving your kids to school, you save on gasoline and wear and tear on your car.

Halloween: How to Keep Your Little Monster Safe

Halloween is unique in that it is typically a pedestrian holiday and that’s the kind of holiday we can get behind. Pedestrian safety is the root of Safe Routes so many of the safety tips and road rules we encourage and teach are perfect for Halloween and we have a few extra wicked tips just for the holiday.

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3 Reasons Your Kids Should Be Biking

Riding a bike seems like such a simple activity, but the benefits have a broad reach, especially for kids. As a parent, it’s always nice to give your kid the best experiences, and biking provides a variety of skills and opportunities.

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Safe Summertime Activities

Summertime means outdoor activities, and even though we are still practicing social distancing, there are still ways to get out. As a parent, you know that children love to express themselves which helps build their cognitive and social skills. Combining their creativity with spreading joy to people they care about, gives you the perfect activity. Here are some activities that your whole family can enjoy.

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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Active and Learning

A lot has changed in the last few weeks and parents, and kids are all feeling it. Between social distancing and virtual schooling, daily routines have turned upside down. The good news is that everyone is figuring this out together. One thing we know for sure is maintaining physical activity and teaching safety during this unique time is key. Here are three ways to ensure your children are moving.

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There’s safety in numbers:

Start a walking group in your neighborhood

It’s like a carpool without the car. Coordinate times when the group will walk past each student’s house for pickup. Rotate parents who can walk with the group.