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Get Your Kids on the Path to Safety

The goal of Safe Routes Utah is to help children get to and from school safely while motivating children to experience the benefits of walking or biking to school.

Walk or bike to school. Win Sweet Prizes Every Month.

Why Let Your Child Walk or Bike to School?

The benefits include:

Improved Academics

Students who are healthy, awake and alert show improved academic performance and decreased tardiness and absence due to transportation challenges.

Physical Activity

Daily physical activity builds strong bones, muscles and joints. It forms healthy lifelong habits that decrease the risk of chronic disease and obesity.

Social Development

Spending time with family and community provides positive social opportunities.

Safer Students

Traffic safety instruction and practice increases confidence and safe behaviors. It also decreases dangerous traffic congestion during pickup and drop-off.

Cleaner Air

Walking and biking to school reduces the need for bus services and idling cars during pickup and drop-off.

Saves Time and Money

When you avoid driving your kids to school, you save on gasoline and wear and tear on your car.

A Champion for Traffic Safety

Safety has always been a big priority in the Jones household, so it was no surprise when Lincoln chose to research the history of the traffic light for his history project. Lincoln lives by a busy road and has witnessed many cars passing by his house daily. He has also heard many sirens rushing by to attend to crashes at the intersection close by. These observations, along with his mom being a crossing guard, sparked his interest in the importance of traffic lights and their role in preventing crashes.

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Active All Summer: Summer Programs to Keep Kids Moving

Backpacks have been thrown into the closet, pens and pencils have been stowed away until next year, and school is officially out for summer! But, just because the school year has come to an end, doesn’t mean that you have to be cooped up in your house all summer long. Here are some fun, accessible activities and programs to help your kids stay active this summer.

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Walk & Roll Challenge Winner Spotlight: Ella

Here at Safe Routes Utah, one of the best parts of the Walk & Roll Challenge is giving out prizes to kids and parents who walk or roll to school. We love seeing their smiles and knowing they love walking, biking or rolling to school as much as we do. Lauren and her daughter Ella, were one of many we’ve awarded so far this year. 

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What To Wear When Walking In The Winter

Winter is here, and nothing is worse than going outside and realizing you didn’t dress warm enough! So now it’s time to master the art of bundling up so you and your kids can stay warm when you walk or bike to school. Grab your winter gear because we’ve got some tips to make sure you and your little ones are dressed properly for the cold weather.

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Shine Bright on Halloween: A Guide to Make Sure Your Child is Seen 

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, Halloween approaches, bringing with it the excitement and anticipation of trick-or-treating. While it’s a day meant for fun and festivities, it is also an important day to prioritize safety, especially when it comes to your little trick-or-treaters. With the days growing shorter and the sun setting earlier, here are some tips to make sure that your child is seen while they are out on Halloween.

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There’s safety in numbers:

Start a walking group in your neighborhood

It’s like a carpool without the car. Coordinate times when the group will walk past each student’s house for pickup. Rotate parents who can walk with the group.