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What To Wear When Walking In The Winter

Winter is here, and nothing is worse than going outside and realizing you didn’t dress warm enough! So now it’s time to master the art of bundling up so you and your kids can stay warm when you walk or bike to school. Grab your winter gear because we’ve got some tips to make sure you and your little ones are dressed properly for the cold weather.

How To Layer:

  • First Layer: The first layer is the most important to regulate body temperature. Opt for breathable fabrics like polyester or cotton. You want the layer to be cozy and warm. If you get too warm and start to sweat, you will get colder faster. 
  • Second Layer: Your middle layer will help retain the heat by trapping the air close to your body. You will want to add a thicker layer that will insulate, like thick cotton, fleece or a puffy synthetic fill.
  • Third Layer: The outer layer is your shield against nature’s surprises! Its job is to protect you from weather like rain, sleet, snow and wind. Wear a weather-resistant, waterproof, or windproof layer. 
  • Don’t forget your legs. We suggest wearing a pair of warm tights or leggings underneath your pants. Wool or fleece works best for this. Your lower half is just as important as your top half!

Remember your head, hands and feet!

  • Head: Wear a hat that covers your ears for maximum warmth. There is nothing more uncomfortable than your ears hurting from the cold. 
  • Hands: Wearing fleece gloves will keep your hands warm, maintaining dexterity and comfort while out in the cold. Wear insulated waterproof gloves if the activity calls for it, but simple mittens work great to keep your fingers warm. 
  • Feet: Wearing waterproof winter boots is ideal for the snow, ice, or rain and will provide much-needed insulation and keep your toes safe and warm. 

Be aware that when dressing up for cold weather, it is important to balance keeping warm and not overheating. So, there you have it – the ultimate guide to looking cool and staying warm while walking in the winter! Now, gear up with your kiddos and join our Walk & Roll Challenge, where your child can win a free scooter or bike when you bike or walk to school.