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4 Places To Find Summer Activities

Being out of school doesn’t have to mean being stuck at home all summer! Here are some fun, easy ideas to keep your kids active, learning and having fun all summer long.

Getting Involved with your Public Library

If you’re looking for affordable and accessible activities, no need to look any further than your public library! Utah’s public library systems are known for their engaging events targeted at different age groups. Many branches host activities on a daily basis, ensuring that something exciting is going on at the library every single day. A fantastic way to enjoy these activities is to walk or bike there. The Salt Lake City system even has Bicycle Education Days scheduled this summer. A great way to get a jump start on safety when biking to school. Be sure to check out your public library’s website for information on which events they will be hosting this summer!

Summer Camps for U

Another great opportunity for school-aged children during the summer is getting involved with the University of Utah’s summer camp programs. The U hosts programs meant for ages ranging from 6 to 17. The University brings young people together with professors and graduate students to learn about a variety of topics. One highlight is a skateboarding course! Now that’s a fun way to roll this summer. Other things like Charcuterie Board Creation, Advanced Coding Camp and a workshop on Green Energy Robotics are also offered. 

Youth Sports Leagues

A classic way to keep your children active over the summer is getting them involved in youth sports lessons and leagues. Many cities offer sports clubs for children of different ages over the summer. For example, Ogden City is set to host a Fishing Club, Tennis lessons, and almost every other classic youth sport this summer. Be sure to look into your city or county’s recreation website for more information on where to sign up and how to get involved.

Utah’s Educational Spaces

For a low commitment option, spend some time getting to know Utah’s educational spaces. Places like The Tracy Aviary, The Clark Planetarium, and Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park all have a lot to offer when it comes to out of school education. For younger children, making a visit to The Treehouse Museum or the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum are also great options to encourage active play.

What we really like about these activities is that you can incorporate walking, biking, or rolling into your day. A fun way to get plenty of practice for the Walk & Roll Challenge next year.