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Do These 3 Things To Keep Kids Active This Summer

We’re not exactly sure if you can actually call summer break a “break” as a parent, but we do know that kids and teachers definitely need the break. We also know that summer break means parents are looking for ways to keep kids busy. It’s not always an easy thing to do but we have some tried and true tips to share in hopes of keeping your kiddos healthy, active and safe this summer. 

Create A Summer Bucket List:

Our first tip is to get the kids on board and use their ideas. A great way to do this is to have a family brainstorm session and create a summer bucket list. Take your kid’s interests into account and plan activities that keep them both active and entertained. It’s also nice to have a resource like this when you inevitably hear the words, “I’m bored.” Just pull out the list and pick something to do. Another great thing about a bucket list is that it can have guidelines or a theme to keep ideas centered around the goal of keeping your kids active. We’ve already started ours, here’s a few suggestions to help get you started:

  • Try a new park
  • Learn a new bike trick
  • Dance for 15 minutes
  • Try a new biking/walking trail
  • Try a kids work out video on Youtube

Schedule Physical Activity:

When summer break starts, sometimes the routine changes up. Mornings might not be as early and bedtimes may get pushed back. We’ve found that incorporating physical activities is easier when it’s planned or scheduled. We suggest designating a time each day to incorporate physical activity. Another way to schedule physical activity is to plan outings ahead of time so you can incorporate physical activity. If you can walk, try to include walking time in the schedule. Either option is great, and it helps to make your child’s physical activity a priority. 

Make it a Habit:

Make physical activity a habit by prioritizing it in your family’s routine. Once you schedule it, make it a priority to do. According to the American Heart Association, kids need 60 minutes of physical activity each day and adults need at least 20 minutes a day. We know that sounds doable, but we also know that sometimes those opportunities can quickly slip away when you and your family are going different directions. When physical activity becomes a habit, it becomes a priority and everyone one in the family will benefit from it.