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Green Ribbon Month Is Pedestrian Safety Month

Backpacks are on, and school has officially started again. That means kids are probably walking or biking to and from school, and it’s a good time to talk about school zone safety and where to watch for pedestrians. 

In Utah, September is Pedestrian Awareness Month, also known as Green Ribbon Month. Many schools take the month to educate students and drivers about pedestrian safety, and of course, we are always on board with teaching pedestrian safety. 

Part of Pedestrian Safety Month is geared toward reminding drivers to be more mindful of school zones, crosswalks and residential areas. All of these areas require lower speeds and are often occupied by children. As drivers, we recommend being especially alert in the morning and late afternoon when kids go to and from school. A great way to advocate for pedestrian safety is to pledge to drive the speed limit and watch for pedestrians (especially children). You might even tie a green ribbon on your car’s antenna as a reminder and signal to you and others to watch for pedestrians.

In schools, kids decorate with green ribbons and talk about pedestrian safety. Safe Routes often joins the conversation by presenting fun interactive assemblies in schools across Utah. The assemblies teach pedestrian safety to students. Kids are taught how to cross the street properly, the safest places to walk and bike, and tips on how to make walking and biking to and from school safe. Check out our website to learn more about our exciting assemblies. We also ask kids to pledge to be as safe as possible when walking or biking. 

So when you’re out and about this month and you see a green ribbon, you’ll know what it means. We hope you and your family will pledge to prioritize pedestrian safety not only this month but all year.