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Traffic Safety Scavenger Hunt

As the summer comes to an end, the back-to-school season brings a buzz of excitement and anticipation. As parents and caregivers prepare their little ones for the new school year, ensuring their safety on the journey to school becomes a top priority. Whether walking, cycling, or using other means of transportation, pedestrian safety is key. 

Our safety scavenger hunt will help students embark on a fun-filled adventure, learning vital safety tips in an engaging and memorable way. From identifying safe crossing points and understanding traffic signals, to practicing how to walk to school safely. The safety scavenger hunt helps children develop practical life skills that extend beyond the school environment, while giving parents the opportunity to discuss safety and peace of mind knowing their student is equipped in safe walking/biking practices. 

So, download the scavenger hunt below and take a walk around the neighborhood or find your school’s safe walking route to find the items that keep your kids safe on their way to school!